Returnal PC

Across its first weekend of availability on Steam, Sony's PC port of Returnal pulled in a peak player count of just 6,691, making it the company's second most unpopular title on the personal computer at launch. Only Sackboy: A Big Adventure garnered less interest, attracting a measly 610 players at any one time during release; a statistic it has failed to improve upon since. Every other PC port from Sony has pulled peak player counts of at least 10,000, but the rogue-like from Housemarque has failed to clear that bar.

Discounts and sales may mean interest in the game increases as time goes on; it's currently the 20th best-selling title on Steam. However, in the case of Sony games at least, no single PC port has improved upon its launch player counts in the months and years since release.

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As of 20th February 2023, Sony's PC ports have recorded the following highest concurrent number of players:

  1. God of War — 73,529 (13 months ago)
  2. Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered — 66,436 (six months ago)
  3. Horizon Zero Dawn — 56,557 (three years ago)
  4. Days Gone — 27,450 (two years ago)
  5. Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales — 13,539 (three months ago)
  6. Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection — 10,851 (four months ago)
  7. Returnal — 6,691 (2 days ago)
  8. Sackboy: A Big Adventure — 610 (four months ago)

The next PS5, PS4 title Sony is porting to PC is The Last of Us: Part I, out on 28th March 2023 after a short delay. Due to the popularity surrounding HBO's TV adaptation of the game, you have to assume it'll attract enough interest to chart much higher than Returnal. Rumours of the Housemarque game coming over to PC had been doing the rounds for a long time before the announcement — its settings menu leaked months before the reveal — which could have contributed to the muted response at launch.

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