The Last of Us Part I Delay PC

Hey, what's a PlayStation Studios game without a delay? Originally set to debut on PC from the 3rd March, The Last of Us: Part I will now land just over three weeks later, on the 28th March. According to Naughty Dog, this should ensure that the port "lives up to your, and our, standards".

The developer also says that it'll share more details on the PC version "soon". We imagine that technical specs and potential PC-only features will be outlined just ahead of launch.

It's fair to assume that this will actually be quite an important release for Sony and Naughty Dog. With The Last of Us (the TV series) being such a huge hit, there's obviously been increased demand for the games, and Part I is bound to get extra attention as it drops on a new platform. It makes sense that the studio would want get the initial launch right.

Will you be picking up The Last of Us: Part I on PC? Wait it out in the comments section below.