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Looks like SEGA will be building upon its already sturdy Sonic Origins compilation with a Plus upgrade similar to Sonic Mania. A classification submitted to the Korean ratings board references the release of Sonic Origins Plus, which will presumably include additional content – potentially Game Gear games, Master System titles, or even spin-offs like Sonic Blast, Sonic Spinball, or – whisper it – unorthodox 32X entry Knuckles’ Chaotix.

As alluded to above, the legendary Japanese publisher followed this release cadence for Sonic Mania, releasing a Plus upgrade approximately a year later with additional content, such as new playable characters. We’re expecting existing owners to be able to upgrade for a small DLC fee, while it’s likely the expansion pack will be bundled together with the existing title for new prospective owners, too.

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Obviously, the organisation’s yet to officially announce anything – but it’s extremely rare for ratings boards to classify content that doesn’t eventually deploy.

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