If you haven’t snagged PSVR2 rhythm shooter Pistol Whip just yet, then perhaps this announcement will push you over the edge. Canadian developer Cloudhead Games has been supporting the title with free content updates for years now – but it ain’t done yet, with its Overdrive add-on set to get underway on 1st May.

This represents a change in approach from the studio, as subsequent content will roll out monthly – all complimentary, of course. Each drop will bring a new scene, with some high fantasy backdrops glimpsed in the trailer – and crossbows! Obviously, you can expect all-new music, too, with Shred by artist LeKtrique up first.

For those of you who haven’t played Pistol Whip, it’s basically a gun-fu-inspired shooter where you need to dodge incoming projectiles and time your bullets to the beat. Each level takes inspiration from a different movie genre, with complementary posters and set dressing. It’s a really fun game, and the promise of even more free content makes it a must play.

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