Gamedec is a cyberpunk-flavoured CRPG that was initially released on PC back in 2021, and is launching on PS5 imminently, on 24th February.

In Gamedec, you play as a game detective, an individual who solves crimes that take place in virtual spaces, and is very much a narrative mystery game with little or no combat involved. So, think Disco Elysium in something like Ready Player One's virtual world, The Oasis, and you start to get the idea.

If you are looking for a more cerebral experience, then this could well be it; reviews are pretty good, and apparently, the decisions you make actually have a tangible effect on the outcome of the game. Colour us intrigued.

What do you think of Gamedec? Do you fancy yourself something of an online sleuthster? Get to the bottom of things in the comments section below.