Reckon you’ve got time for another video game this month? As you may already be aware, we’re right on the cusp of an insane release schedule for Sony’s new-gen system, and the previously announced PS5 upgrade to World War Z: Aftermath is eager to add to the insanity. Officially due out on 24th January, as announced in a press release today, this will be free for existing owners of the PS4 game.

This is not a lowly upgrade, though, as it actually comes with a new-gen exclusive mode: Horde XL. The publisher’s official blurb explains in deeper detail: “Horde Mode XL follows the same rules as the game’s standard Horde Mode, with a devilish twist: scattered among the normal waves of enemies will be a special XL wave bursting with over 1,000 hungry zombies.”

There’ll also be a free update releasing simultaneously with the PS5 version across all platforms, which will introduce “mutators into the standard Horde Mode Z game mode, along with devastating and deadly new weapons and a revamped and improved weapon progression system”. It’s a big month for World War Z: Aftermath, then – and it’s all free if you already own the game!