Forspoken File Size PS5

If you plan on picking up Forspoken when it launches later this month, keep in mind that you might have to make a fair bit of room for it on your PS5's SSD. According to the reliable PlayStation Game Size on Twitter, the action title weighs in at a rather large 87.3GB, putting it up there with some of the console's heftiest games — many of which hover around the 100GB mark.

Of course, the file size could be cut down by the time Forspoken releases — we don't yet know if there are any pre-launch patches planned. In the meantime, it's worth pointing out that there's a playable Forspoken demo on the PS Store right now, and thankfully, it isn't a huge download — although it is still quite demanding at 30GB.

Will you be making space for Forspoken on your PS5? Sling some spells towards your SSD in the comments section below.