EA Sports has regained the official PGA licence, and the next golf sim is closer than you might think. Announced today with a new gameplay trailer, the aptly named EA Sports PGA Tour is coming to PS5 on 24th March, 2023.

Billed as the "exclusive home of the Majors", the game will feature all the big tournaments you'd expect, including the Masters,, the PGA Championship, the U.S. Open Championship, and The Open. This is in addition to women's and amateur championships, allowing you to take your golfer from zero to hero.

The title's 30 courses are all rendered in much higher detail than before, and new tech allows for the Pure Strike system to be introduced. In a nutshell, a combination of enhanced physics and more options when you're taking your shots means there are more, and more unpredictable, outcomes on every swing.

If you're interested in the game and want to read a little more, we have a preview of PGA Tour you can read now with our first impressions. Are you excited for this one? Chip it into the comments section below.