Dead Space PS5 PlayStation

Dead Space is imminent, with the remastered survival-horror classic launching tomorrow, on 27th January, for players on PS5. Even if you fought through the original 2008 title, there are fresh spooks to look forward to (not to mention some manner of alternate ending) and new ways to experience them.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, developer Motive detailed how the DualSense has been utilised to deepen the gameplay experience through the way you move around the Ishimura and in the way Isaacs's arsenal operates.

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In the example above, firing the Plasma Cutter will initiate a distinct vibration, and pushing the DualSense trigger beyond the required threshold will cause it to click back in place, ready for the next shot. The flamethrower, as another example, will emit a low vibration through the trigger as the released liquid ignites into flame.

Players will feel the impact of Isaac's magnetic boots in zero-gravity areas and experience real-time haptic vibrations when using the Kinesis or Stasis modules.

Finally, the controller's speakers will add to immersion by giving the player gameplay feedback when performing actions like refilling their stasis energy or using their locator, making Isaac's RIG feel like a participant in the moment-to-moment action.

Will you be picking Dead Space up at launch? Are you looking to revisit the Ishimura's nightmarish corridors and ghoulish inhabitants? Cut to the chase in the comments section below.