Guilty Gear Strive Balance Update

It's time for another big Guilty Gear Strive update, as the fighter has just received its promised balancing patch ahead of the holidays. Update 1.24 is available to download now on PS5 and PS4, adding crossplay functionality to the game, allowing PlayStation players to match up with PC users. You can turn crossplay on and off in the settings menu.

But as alluded, crossplay isn't the only thing to be excited about. This patch adjusts a lot of the game's fundamental mechanics, altering the way that battles will play out. Generally speaking, defensive actions have been significantly buffed, in an attempt to blunt overly aggressive tactics that could pin you in the corner for whole matches.

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What's more, every character — minus the newly released Sin — has been rebalanced in one way or another. Add all of this together, and it's fair to assume that Guilty Gear Strive is entering something of a new era. As always, it'll be very interesting to see how everything shakes out over the coming weeks. You can read the full patch notes on the official site.

Are you still playing Guilty Gear Strive? What do you think of this update? Did your character get buffed? Nerfed? Watch that tension gauge increase in the comments section below.