Moss PSVR2 1

Polyarc has announced its porting Moss and Moss: Book II to PSVR2, and both will be available with native versions on the same day the headset launches: 22nd February 2023. The first game will cost $17.99 while the sequel is $26.99 after a 10 per cent PS Store discount for pre-ordering. You'll also be able to buy them both together as a bundle for $34.99, which knocks 20 per cent off the combined regular price of the two games. However, owners of the current PSVR versions will not be given a free upgrade to the PSVR2 editions.

Lincoln Davis, communications director at Polyarc, told Push Square: "The games are not set up as cross-buy for PSVR2 owners that previously purchased the PSVR versions of the games. It takes a lot of time and resources to properly bring titles like Moss and Moss: Book II to new platforms. And the majority of that time in this case was spent optimizing both games to feature updated experiences for players leveraging the new hardware technology."

Both titles will take advantage of all the new features of the PSVR2 headset, like the two-controller setup, adaptive triggers, and haptic feedback. You'll feel things more in both your head and your hands as improved vibrations mimic taking damage and moving throughout the world. Eye tracking then allows you to more easily identify interactive objects. The field of view has been increased, and you'll notice lighting and texture improvements at a 4K resolution running at 90 frames-per-second.

In a press release, designer Doug Burton explained how Polyarc has been able to increase the sense of immersion in the world of both Moss games through new technology in the next-gen device. "Along with that, the team was able to pump even more visual detail into every character and environment with more lighting and texture improvements that make the already stunning environments sing even more on the PSVR2."

The inclusion of both Moss and Moss: Book II provides the list of All PSVR2 Launch Games with a much-needed boost. It now contains 14 titles, with Sony expected to have more than 20 ready for release in February. Will you play either Moss or Moss: Book II on PSVR2? Reunite with Quill in the comments below.