This pre-order trailer for Horizon Call of the Mountain largely consists of footage from previous reveals, but it’s well worth watching if only as a reminder of the kind of spectacle you can expect from the PSVR2 exclusive on 22nd February. The game’s available to pre-order right now, alongside Sony’s new headset, and is being billed as the big day one blockbuster for the device.

We get a glimpse of all kinds of activities here. There’s the standard, on-rails boat ride that developer Firesprite’s been showing since the title was announced – but we also get a glimpse of man-on-machine combat, as well as the climbing gameplay that promises to make up a big portion of the campaign as well.

Obviously, a 2D trailer embedded on a webpage doesn’t quite do the experience justice; you’ve got to use your imagination a little bit to envisage just how unfathomably enormous some of these set-pieces will feel in virtual reality. Are you sold yet?