Call of Duty players have blasted their way across almost every locale imaginable, from casual fracas in Favela to close-quarter tussles in Nuke Town. We got a preview of the next map coming to Modern Warfare 2, the appropriately named and newly-revamped Shoot House, which is sure to see scenes of incredible violence when it launches alongside the game's first season of content on 16th November.

Set inside a repurposed open-air training course, Shoot House features plenty of tight corners and opportunities for ambush. The map was first introduced in the original Modern Warfare and even appeared in Call of Duty: Mobile, so here's hoping this tried and true setting will provide a brief return to the classic, close-quarters Call of Duty chaos we all know and love.

What do you think of the reimagined Shoot House map coming to Modern Warfare 2? Are the many twists and turns of its plywood corridors home to nostalgic memories for you, or are they instead filled with bitterness and regret? Take a walk down memory lane with us in the comments section below.

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