If you'd rather cuddle Kratos and Atreus instead of seeing them take on Thor, you might want to load up Sackboy: A Big Adventure on Wednesday, not God of War Ragnarok. The cutesy 3D platformer is getting three new costumes themed around the upcoming PS5, PS4 release that turns the protagonists — along with Freya - into knitted wool. They will be available in-game for free on the same day Ragnarok releases: 9th November 2022.

The three faces join a long list of characters from other games in the PS5 launch title, such as Uncharted characters Nathan Drake and Chloe Fraser, Aloy from Horizon, and Ellie and Abby of The Last of Us: Part II fame. And those are just some of the more recent additions. At this point, the game has so many costumes to pick from that there's no point sticking with the standard Sackboy anymore.

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