Back in the late 90s, we would all boot up our original PlayStation consoles on old school CRT TVs, and we'd be happy with that. The Sony Computer Entertainment and PS1 logos would appear in turn on a screen which was, at the absolute max, 40 inches, but realistically, probably half that. Maybe half again if you were rocking one of those "portable" tellies with a built-in VHS player. At any size, however, the startup sequence was and still is a banger — just imagine it on a screen the size of a bus.

Well, actually, you don't need to imagine it. Sony has just posted exactly this on its socials; the PS1 booting up on a 35-foot screen:

That's approximately 10.6 metres, though the imperial measurement feels more appropriate if we're staying in the 90s. Anyway, that's about the height of a telephone pole, or roughly half the length of a tennis court. It's a big TV, and seeing our beloved PS1 booting up on such a thing just makes it all the better. Once the shot has zoomed out you can see the comparably minuscule console in the bottom right if you want a visual for the scale.

Would you like to play your old favourites on a telly that huge? Go big in the comments section below.