PS Studios Malaysia 1
Image: Hasnul Hadi Samsudin / mistahasnul

Sony’s freshly minted support team, PS Studios Malaysia, which recently moved into a swanky new office space in Kuala Lumpur is working on some top secret PS5 projects. The group – currently 77 employees strong and growing – has assisted production on first-party titles like MLB The Show 22 and The Last of Us: Part I, and while it admits its contribution has been small thus far, its role is growing.

“When we started, the team was very small,” boss Hasnul Hadi Samsudin told an audience at a conference in Malaysia, as reported by IGN. “A lot of what we are doing is asset development for the games, especially for MLB. But now we have a full-fledged art team, so we can do environment modelling, concept art, and we have a brilliant animation team that is working on some games that we can’t talk about right now.”

As games get larger, workforces are growing to help build them. One solution is to outsource projects to external studios who can help do the heavy lifting on smaller details, like creating art assets and animations. This is one of the reasons PS Studios Malaysia has been founded, and eventually it expects to be involved with pretty much every upcoming first-party project under Sony’s umbrella. It has a similar remit to the platform holder’s existing Visual Arts team in San Diego, which works on anywhere from 15 to 25 titles at a time – and even helps on some animated shows for Sony Pictures.

“We want to bring the best quality so that the end user feels that they are playing a PlayStation game and that this is what quality means,” Samsudin said of his ambitions for the studio. “There is a level of expectation that we all have and we all strive for, and at the end of the day, the players will smile and say, ‘This is great.’ It doesn’t matter where it came from – it would be nice for the players to know that it came from all these great people here [in Malaysia], but I hope they will just enjoy the games.”