Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 Remaster

Here is a head-scratcher for your Sunday evening: Sony is reportedly remastering Horizon Zero Dawn for PS5. The claim is made by website MP1ST, citing multiple sources, and more online personalities in the know have come out publicly to say the project is real. Some even say they've seen it themselves. This does indeed seem to be real, and VGC sources corroborate the rumour.

The remaster is supposedly designed to bring the original PS4 game closer to its sequel Horizon Forbidden West. Along with the usual graphical improvements — apparently, they're so good that it's unclear whether this will be pitched as a remaster or a remake — the accessibility options built for Aloy's second adventure will be brought to the first game. There will also be some quality of life improvements, updated character models, a better lighting system, enhanced textures, and upgraded animations.

The site says a Horizon Zero Dawn remaster/remake isn't the only thing Guerrilla Games has in the works, however. We also have a Horizon online multiplayer game for PS5 and PC to look forward to, which could feature co-op. "Sources said that Sony had been keen to include co-op in the game’s sequel, Forbidden West, but Guerrilla decided to save the feature for a future project, which they believed would either be a standalone online spin-off, or Horizon 3," said VGC.

Sony has been developing a habit of remastering and remaking some of its best titles in recent years, with a recent example being The Last of Us: Part I. Its new accessibility options allow disabled gamers to experience something that was once inaccessible to them. However, for the general consumer, a Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 re-release will likely be a tough sell.

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