The release date for Gotham Knights is fast approaching, and we can all look forward to donning a cowl on 21st October. To fuel the hype flames further, we got ten minutes of gameplay courtesy of the IGN First preview process and Warners Bros. Games Montreal.

We learned some cool new bits of information, like the fact that the game won't have the traditional day/night cycle other open-world games typically feature. Instead, you will play through sequential nights, with villain storylines progressing and new crimes popping up every time the moon rises. It's quite practical too, as a superhero in the daytime does look rather ridiculous!

The only time you will see the daylight is when you are strategising at the Belfry, the defacto headquarters for the Gotham Knights located at the top of a clock tower. Here you can plan your next moves, and gear up for the next patrol.

There will be procedurally generated crimes, and gang hideouts that need clearing out. A focus is placed on information gathering, as you will need to beat the streets and work your way through the riff-raff in order to learn the plans of the various supervillains that call Gotham home.

Each villain will act as an optional, ongoing mission, leaving players free to follow up on them as they see fit. These arcs will culminate in climactic Villain Nights, set pieces where specific villains will enact their plans, which will have major effects on the open world.

What do you think of Gotham Knights? Will you be donning the cowl for this one? Make a dramatic entrance in the comments section below.

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