2K Sports attracts understandable heat for the emphasis on microtransactions in its NBA 2K games, but you could never say this series is light on content. In addition to one of the best Franchise modes on the market, the publisher also provides a hearty MyCareer campaign, as well as a generous team building mode and more – like WNBA alternative, The W.

This year, the publisher is bringing back The Jordan Challenge for NBA 2K23, which previously featured in NBA 2K11. This mode will allow you to relive key moments from the GOAT’s career, and will span 15 unique game experiences spanning his humble beginnings in North Carolina through to his last ever shot for the Chicago Bulls. Sadly, there’ll be no brief baseball interlude.

The developer’s created unique filters and graphics packages to recreate the television presentation of the time, and will even include exclusive interviews and footage to help set the scene. In addition, each of the 15 major moments in Jordan’s career will have objectives for you to complete, allowing you to earn Stars which will unlock rewards in MyCareer and MyTeam. Fun!

You can find the full list of challenges in the latest Courtside Report, including a pretty detailed breakdown of how 2K Sports has adjusted the gameplay to make it representative of the era. For example: “In the ‘80s-era games, you’ll notice a much heavier focus on the post and mid-range game. This is supported through slider settings, AI, tendencies, and playbooks custom to the era. We also rewrote our transition game for the 1980s. It features tighter transition lanes and more players cutting to the basket with a numbers advantage, as opposed to the spotting up for three you see in today’s NBA.”

This sounds really entertaining, and as part of the wider NBA 2K23 package, it’s clear that you’re going to get several hours enjoying this mode alone. It’s worth mentioning that the campaign will be available on both the PS5 and PS4 versions, so it doesn’t matter which console you’ve got. Are you up for one last dance? Let us know in the comments section below.

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