PUBG: Battlegrounds is getting an overhaul in the form of Update 18.2 which, amongst a bunch of other things, is introducing an entirely new urban map called Deston, and it is coming to PS4 on 21 July.

As you can see in the brief teaser trailer above, Deston features a modern city environment, a type of terrain that has largely been absent from the game so far. Of course, there is more to Deston than just the urban sprawl, the 8x8 map will feature varied locales for players to learn and exploit for tactical advantage.

In addition, the Airboat amphibious vehicle will be introduced, as will working Fuel Pump Stations, for when you need a quick top-up for your ride of choice. Security Doors will reward players able to unlock them with the highest-tier loot, provided they can find a Key.

There will also be Utility Parachutes available to aid traversal on the way down, and Ascender Ropes to speed players on their ways up structures like skyscrapers and other large buildings.

Finally, for exclusive use in Deston, there is a new weapon: The O12 shotgun, which boasts superior accuracy and range compared to other shotguns, giving it the edge in mid-to-short range encounters.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is now free-to-play on PS4, so the barrier to entry is precisely zilch.

Will you be checking out Deston in PUBG: Battlegrounds when Update 18.2 goes live? Plan your tactics in the comments section below.