Battlefield 2042 Zero Hour is finally here after a full seven months of waiting. This long-delayed season launch for the highly criticised entry in the military shooter franchise is hoping to bring players back, but is it too little too late?

This first season comes to players for free with a new map, specialist, two new weapons, and two new vehicles. Not exactly a stuffed package after seven months, but for those that stick around with 2042 it is nice to get something. Along with this new free content, players can also pay out cash for the Battle Pass, which includes 100 tiers of weapons and specialist skins, player cards, Battle Coins, and weapon charms.

We sat down to discuss this new season of content over on the Push Square YouTube channel, where you can also check out some crispy looking 4K gameplay of the new map Exposure — no promises that it will be skillful gameplay however! We break down elements like the Battle Pass, new specialist Liz, and how the new map ranks among the 2042 roster.

If anything this new content influx is reminding us that Battlefield 2042 can be a good game, but whether the developers or the players have the patience to wait for that promised experience is another thing entirely.

Let us know whether you are checking out Zero Hour this weekend. If so, what are you thinking? Is this a turn in the tide for the shooter? Or is it the mark of the end for the franchise?