State of Play Summer Game Fest

Sony's dropped a new teaser for this week's State of Play, which is set to air on Thursday — but don't get too excited. Said teaser doesn't hint at specific games or anything — it's purely a social media reminder.

It does feature a potentially interesting detail, however. A logo in the top left of the video confirms that this State of Play will be part of Summer Game Fest.

Geoff Keighley's gaming bonanza can be a bit weird to understand sometimes. The event does have its own showcase — Summer Game Fest Live — which is like a more traditional press conference, filled with announcements and trailers. But Summer Game Fest itself is spread across...well, the summer, and encompasses various streams and publisher-backed, online events. This upcoming State of Play is a part of that.

So does this knowledge actually change anything? Not really, but you could argue that being part of Summer Game Fest raises expectations for Sony's show. It also suggests that Sony won't play much of a role in the aforementioned Summer Game Fest Live, but that might be jumping the gun.