PlayStation Plus Extra Premium

Sony has given us a little more insight into the new PS Plus tiers, Extra and Premium. As previously reported, the game selections for both of these tiers will change over time — but now we know when these refreshes are going to happen.

For PS Plus Essential — that's the current PS Plus, just renamed — the monthly games will continue to drop on the first Tuesday of each month (and of course, Extra and Premium subscribers also get these games as part of the deal).

But the Extra and Premium line ups will refresh "in the middle of the month". That means we can all look forward to two different PS Plus updates every month from now on. How exciting!

Sony also states that the number of new games added per month will vary.

We've still got a good few weeks before the new PS Plus rolls out here in the West, but if you haven't already seen it, Sony did officially reveal Asia's Extra and Premium selection — a list that will hopefully grow before the new tiers land in other regions. You can also bookmark our All PS Plus Games guide for all of the latest info.