When you’re a studio as gigantic as Naughty Dog, something’s going to slip. Case in point: the online resume of QA tester Corey Hong references an “unannounced remake project”. Of course, we know exactly what that game is: The Last of Us. Despite being less than 10 years old, it’s been known for some time now that the Californian studio is recreating Joel and Ellie’s original outing for the PlayStation 5 – in fact, some believe the project is near completion.

With the studio itself failing to acknowledge the project – and Sony as secretive as can be – this will serve as a reminder of what the developer’s up to. We also know a standalone, The Last of Us multiplayer game is in production – with both, we suspect, scheduled to launch alongside the television show. We’re curious when Naughty Dog will acknowledge these games in an official capacity – it’s been awfully quiet for years now.

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