The Last of Us PS5 PlayStation 5 1

A remake of 2013’s PlayStation 3 mega-hit The Last of Us is apparently in development, according to an eye-opening Bloomberg report. According to respected journalist Jason Schreier, the project started life at Sony’s unannounced San Diego studio, which for the longest time was connected with the Uncharted franchise. According to the article, the team had wanted to revisit Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, but in an increasingly risk-averse environment, pitched a remake of Joel and Ellie’s debut for the PS5 instead.

The team was eventually pulled in to help finish off The Last of Us: Part II, which had been delayed, and then the remake was ultimately absorbed by Naughty Dog, where development apparently continues behind-the-scenes. While it’s a strange move considering the game’s age, it’s probably worth remembering that a big-budget television show inspired by the first The Last of Us game is about to enter production; a full-scale remake of the original will probably sell a lot of copies.

Nevertheless, this is surprising and unexpected news. Sony’s secretive San Diego studio has mostly disbanded now, according to the Bloomberg report; the team had expected to be able to lead its own projects, but ended up being a support studio once Naughty Dog wrestled back control of the aforementioned The Last of Us remake. Despite the internal politics, the remake – which is codenamed T1X – apparently remains in production at Naughty Dog.