The Last of Us

The rumoured remake of PlayStation 3 classic The Last of Us is supposedly nearing completion, so much so that we should expect a PS5 release in the second half of 2022. That's according to online tipster Tom Henderson, who says "multiple people" have shared such information with him. VGC has since backed the claim up, stating the information matches what it has heard through other sources. Both Henderson and VGC have proven to be at least somewhat reliable in the past, so you can put some amount of trust into these claims.

While the project still hasn't been officially announced by Sony, news of The Last of Us getting the remake treatment broke last year via a Bloomberg report from Jason Schreier. In it, it's claimed PlayStation’s Visual Arts Service Group was the lead developer before being relegated to a support studio. Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann said he's "dying to share" all the games the team has in the works during Sony's CES 2022 conference, and this is likely to be one of them.

However, Henderson didn't stop there with his claims. He also thinks the long-awaited Naughty Dog standalone multiplayer project (The Last of Us Factions, it's usually referred to as) is also nearing completion and could even launch this year too. Furthermore, Tom Henderson believes a Director's Cut of The Last of Us: Part II is on the way to PS5. "I've heard they are coming too — But I don't know exactly when/how." VGC doesn't comment on these other claims in its own article, suggesting the site wasn't able to corroborate these particular rumours.

Henderson points out that Sony currently has fairly quiet Q3 and Q4 periods on the cards before anything has been announced, suggesting he thinks God of War Ragnarok will be out for PS5 and PS4 sooner rather than later. Horizon Forbidden West releases next month, and then Gran Turismo 7 isn't far behind on 4th March 2022.

What are your thoughts on the rumoured remake of The Last of Us? Are you excited about it or are you still questioning if it even needs to exist? And do you really believe it'll be out this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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