The Last Of Us Factions was one of the biggest multiplayer surprises to ever grace the PlayStation platform. The fact that you can still easily find filled servers on PS4 a full eight years after the The Last of Us Remastered launched on the PS4 is a testament to its unique fusion of traditional multiplayer and tension-filled gameplay of the critically acclaimed single player title. The thing is: Factions was so popular among its fans that a second iteration was all but guaranteed to accompany the eventual The Last of Us: Part 2 when it launched in 2020. Except it didn’t, and two years later we are still waiting.

So, what gives? Where is The Last of Us Factions 2? Well, for those looking for some more in depth knowledge into what we know, what we think we know, and some finely picked theorising, then head on over to the Push Square YouTube channel, where you can find our full thoughts on the matter.

However, if reading is more your style, here is a rundown of what’s going on with The Last of Us Factions 2.

As PlayStation enthusiasts nervously awaited The Last of Us: Part 2, Naughty Dog dropped the bombshell that the highly anticipated multiplayer component wouldn’t just be delayed, it would be released as its own standalone title. However, the flow of information stopped there, and didn’t continue for another two years.

With persistent questioning from fans on when they could expect Factions to show up, Naughty Dog gave us a morsel of information in its Last Of Us Day blog post: it’s still working on it.

And that leads us to the present day where Factions fans are still left hoping that someday Factions 2 will be revealed. Thanks to job listings, we know that Factions will have some emphasis on live service elements, which is really to be expected for a standalone multiplayer title. But even with all the rumours of battle royale modes, and leaked code assets, we still know very little about when we expect to get our hands on some shivs and blue bottle supplies.

Take a look at the video above for plenty of theorising, detective work, and, if we're being honest, plain wishful thinking!