Dying Light PS4 PlayStation 4 Patches Updates 1

Techland’s support for Dying Light – the original, not the recently released Dying Light 2: Stay Human – will never cease. The Polish developer has released a brand new update for the first game today, which improves performance on the PlayStation 5 and PS4. We were expecting a native new-gen port based on the team’s previous comments, but this is a patch instead.

There are three options on the PS5: Performance achieves 60 frames-per-second in 1080p; Balanced targets 60fps in 1440p; Quality achieves 30fps in 2160p. There’s also improved draw distance, while PS4 Pro’s 30fps cap has been stabilised. So some pretty decent improvements here, particularly if you’re still playing in backwards compatibility courtesy of PS5 Game Boost.

Will you be making a return trip to Harran, or have you completely converted to Dying Light 2: Stay Human? Run and jump into the comments section below.

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