It's no secret that PlayStation's top dogs aren't particularly active on social media. If you follow the likes of Hermen Hulst, Mark Cerny, and Shuhei Yoshida, you won't spot a whole lot of posts from them, in general. Jim Ryan, CEO of the company, doesn't seem to have a Twitter account at all, save for this parody profile. However, there's a very good reason to follow at least one of these fellows — Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, has great Twitter avatars.

This time last year, he had a pretty by-the-numbers, professional-looking headshot, the sort of image you'd see if he was doing an interview with Business Insider or something. However, at some point in 2021 following the launch of PS5, Hulst's profile pic became a cartoon depiction of the executive. Fairly innocuous, but certainly a big change from his nicely lit, stoic-faced photo from before.

Hermen Hulst Twitter Avatar 1
Image: Hermen Hulst

However, what's so good is that this image changes every so often to reflect a different PS5 game, and it's genius. Here are a few examples — we're almost certain there are more:

It's the fact that the face remains basically the same with the same expression, but it's altered enough that you recognise what series or game is being referred to. We have Ghost of Tsushima Hermen, Ratchet Hermen, Horizon Hermen, Death Stranding Hermen, and God of War Hermen. Most recently, we've been treated to Demon's Souls Hermen and Gran Turismo 7 Hermen. Glorious.

We're sure we've missed a couple, but you get the idea. The best bit is that we have more of these goofy things to look forward to. The possibilities are endless, and we can't wait.

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Which Hermen Hulst Twitter avatar is your favourite?