Alright, we’ve established not everyone is overjoyed at the idea of Sony making more live service games, but the company seems pretty committed to the idea following its $3.6 billion acquisition of Bungie. The company revealed this week that it already has ten titles of this ilk in development, and while we suspect that number is inflated by the likes of MLB The Show 22 and Gran Turismo 7, there’s still a significant number we don’t know about.

So, what could or should they be? We reckon PlayStation needs to find its own niche here, as there’s no point in chasing trends – the likes of Hyper Scape can attest to that. No, we’d much rather see some new and exciting ideas in the space – something a bit different. Presumably all of its service games will be coming to PS5, PS4, and PC, and we wouldn’t even rule out rival systems at this stage.

Anyway, here’s some of our ideas, but feel free to share your ideas in the comments section below.

The Last of Us: Factions

Sony Live Service Games 2

We know this one is in development and we know that it’s going to be massive. Naughty Dog removed the multiplayer from The Last of Us: Part II and has been working on it as a standalone game ever since. It’s pretty obviously going to be the biggest online experience the team has ever created. There have been vague insinuations to it marrying cinematics with multiplayer gameplay, but it all sounds expensive for a supposed service game. Our prediction is that this could be some kind of RUST-type survival game, where you need to build camps, form alliances, and scavenge for resources – all in a deadly, competitive open world.

Twisted Metal

Sony Live Service Games 3

Another game that we can be fairly confident is in development: Twisted Metal is getting a major television revival, and new acquisition Firesprite is making a game to go with it. The TV show is being billed as an action comedy, where a courier must make it through a deadly wasteland filled with the angriest of drivers. Our prediction: that wasteland becomes a Battle Royale map, and this game blends the best of classic Twisted Metal with Call of Duty: Warzone. You’d be able to grab weapon pickups and ammo from around the map, and chase down foes in an ever-shrinking circle. Oh, and of course, there’ll be loot boxes up the wazoo, allowing you to unlock cosmetics for your cars.


Sony Live Service Games 4

Surely Sony’s live service push demands a Warhawk reboot? While the series’ origins date all the way back to the PS1, it was on the PS3 that the series truly exploded. Warhawk is a more traditional competitive shooter, and it should remain that way. But with its team-based gameplay mechanics, tons of vehicles, and potentially huge arsenals it feels like it’d fit the live service model perfectly. What a game!


Sony Live Service Games 5

Another series arguably ahead of its time, there’s nothing quite like SOCOM in the modern era. While it’s never going to attract a casual audience in quite the same way as a Call of Duty, we reckon SOCOM’s tense tactical battles could stand-out in a market largely dominated by fast-paced, arcade first-person shooters. With tense, rounds-based gameplay and huge stakes on the line, PlayStation fans have been crying out for a new entry in the legendary PS2 series for some time. Sony’s live service push could make for the perfect opportunity.

MotorStorm RC

Sony Live Service Games 6

There’s more to the live service space than just shooters – after all, not everyone wants to fire guns every time they turn on their console. What about MotorStorm RC, then? This forgotten PS3 and PS Vita spin-off blended the outrageous action of Evolution Studios arcade racer with a Micro Machines-esque overhead perspective. You could riddle this with microtransactions, allowing players to customise their own cars with stickers and boost trails. We’re not convinced it would catch-on, but you never know!

PS Home

Sony Live Service Games 1

There’s all this talk of the metaverse in the mainstream media, but everyone forgets that Sony did it first. PS Home may have been ugly, but the idea was sound: a social space where you could chat with friends and play minigames. Titles like Roblox and Minecraft have exploded since PlayStation’s social network was ridiculed, but we reckon with a more cohesive art style and a quicker content turnaround, this concept would be better received today. You could even pair it with the upcoming PSVR2 headset if you wanted to go full Zuckerberg.

What kind of live service games would you like Sony to make? Do any of our ideas tickle your fancy, or are you horrified by the whole thing? Complete your Battle Pass in the comments section below.