Shadow Warrior 3 is looking like a rollicking good time, isn't it? Like a fantasy-tinged spin on shooters like DOOM, this PlayStation 4 title is lighting up Sony's console very soon, on 1st March. Furthermore — in a move we're fairly certain is a first — the game will arrive on PS Now on the very same day.

Announced via a new PS Blog post, publisher Devolver Digital has revealed that the FPS is releasing on PS Now the very same day as its regular digital PS Store launch. In other words, if you have a PS Now subscription, you won't need to pay any extra to play Shadow Warrior 3 on day one. How very Game Pass.

Again, we can't think of another example of this happening before. Plenty of games launch on PS Plus, but as far as we understand, this will be the very first game to launch day and date on PS Now. It's perhaps further indication that Sony is taking steps towards what will become the reported Spartacus; if this is anything to go by, we should expect more PS Now launches in the near future. We just need Sony to make it all official. Is it merging its subscriptions? Tell us, Sony!

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