PS Plus PS Now

Sony is planning to combine PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now to create a new PlayStation subscription service that can compete with Xbox Game Pass, according to a fresh report from Bloomberg. Citing trusted sources and leaked documents, the report states that this service is set to launch around Spring 2022, and could also result in Sony phasing out PS Now as its own thing.

The service is apparently codenamed 'Spartacus', and the gist is that by slapping PS Plus and PS Now together, subscribers will have access to a huge catalogue of games. Again, it all sounds very similar to Microsoft's massively popular Game Pass model.

The report doesn't stop there, however. It also claims that this new service is currently set to be split into three tiers. The first includes the existing PS Plus subscription — that's access to online multiplayer, cloud saves, and the monthly games. The second tier adds a large selection of PS4 games — with PS5 games being added down the line. And finally, the third tier throws in "extended" demos and game streaming, along with access to PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP games. Wowzer.

We've said for years that Sony should consider combining PS Plus and PS Now into one service — especially since PS Plus has always been much more popular. And now, it sounds like it's finally happening.

If this thing really is launching within the next few months, then we should be getting official confirmation soon.