PS Now UK Cards

Update: Sony has issued a statement to GamesBeat, basically saying that PS Now cards are being removed in favour of standard PlayStation gift cards. In other words, the company's looking to streamline things.

As you'd imagine, the statement makes no mention of the rumoured PS Plus and PS Now merger — but making its retail cards easier to understand is perhaps another indication of Sony's desire to consolidate its services.

Original Story: Sony will soon pull PlayStation Now subscription cards from UK retail stores, according to a new report from GamesBeat. Said report is based on an internal GAME memo, which details plans to stop selling PS Now cards later this month, from the 21st January.

A curious move on its own, but combined with the recent rumours that Sony is going to merge PS Plus with PS Now, it could be a sure-fire sign that things are in motion behind the scenes. This merger is supposed to be happening in early 2022 — so official confirmation could be heading our way in the very near future.

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