NVIDIA Leak Games

Remember when that big NVIDIA leak in September last year had everyone salivating over crazy-sounding projects like 'Final Fantasy IX Remake' and 'Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster'? Well, they may not be so crazy after all.

We're obviously six months down the line now, and revisiting the leak has sparked a whole new round of speculation across the internet. This is because the long rumoured Chrono Cross remaster was officially announced last night — and the rumours surrounding that project began with the NVIDIA leak.

At the time, there was some scepticism — why the heck would Square Enix remaster Chrono Cross? — but here we are. And that's not all; other games listed in the leak have also appeared over the past few months. The leak listed a new BioShock game (recently all but confirmed), Crysis 4 (announced last month), Sniper Elite 5 (announced in December), Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy (released in December), and bunch of other titles that have since been heavily hinted at.

It feels like the NVIDIA leak is gaining credibility by the day — but to be clear, its legitimacy was never really in doubt. The leak was taken directly from NVIDIA's servers, after all — it's just that the listings could have been little more than tests for various projects that may no longer exist. But now, with Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition confirmed, the whole thing's quickly gaining new momentum.

Which, of course, leaves us staring at listings like Dragon's Dogma 2, Monster Hunter 6, Street Fighter 6, Kingdom Hearts IV, Tekken 8, Mortal Kombat XII (potentially teased just last month), Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster, and the eyebrow-raising Final Fantasy IX Remake.

Again, while it's hard to have unshakable faith in the leak as a whole, there's clearly something to it. We wonder what'll be announced next...

[source News: NVIDIA Issues Statement on Possible List of Leaked Games, Used for 'Internal Tracking and Testing']