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Surely an announcement of the next BioShock is imminent? When it rains, it pours – and right now it’s practically sleeting Big Daddy drills. A fresh set of rumours recently pegged the game’s name as BioShock Isolation, and now word comes by way of Sacred Symbols’ Colin Moriarty that the release is set in a fictional Antarctic city in the 1960s. This information has since been corroborated by a slew of other sources, including and VGC.

We know that the title is in development at a new team called Cloud Chamber, and Moriarty says that the studio has been given “incredible latitude to get it right”. At this point, we’re expecting some kind of teaser at The Game Awards – especially seeing as host Geoff Keighley has been hinting at some kind of announcement that’s been 2.5 years in the making, which matches up with the timeline of this new BioShock game.

Series creator Ken Levine will, of course, not be involved with the new BioShock project, but Moriarty adds that publisher Take-Two has snapped up his new studio Ghost Story Games’ inaugural project, which was described as an “immersive sim with RPG elements” all the way back in 2017. It should be a good generation for fans of BioShock’s very specific brand of first-person shooter, then.

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