You may or may not be happy with the selection, but February 2022’s PS Plus games are available to download now. The trio of titles this month, as previously reported, include Planet Coaster: Console Edition, EA Sports UFC 4, and Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-Shot Adventure. It’s a lineup that almost 50 per cent of you described as “crap” in our poll.

To be fair, though, we did recommend all three titles in our reviews. We awarded an 8/10 to UFC 4, describing it as “not a massive departure from its predecessor, but […] a significantly better game”. Similarly, we gave a strong 7/10 to Planet Coaster: Console Edition as well: “If you enjoy business management simulations, then we recommend purchasing a ticket for Planet Coaster: Console Edition.”

That said, despite awarding it an 8/10, we’re disappointed with the inclusion of Tiny Tina, which represents a real value drop for Sony’s service, as discussed in this article. Nevertheless, all three titles are available to download now. Will you be playing any of them? You can find a full list of All PS Plus Games in 2022 through the link.