Horizon Forbidden West is out in two days time, and Sony wants the uninformed to know about it. The company's UK division has this morning begun posting shots of various advertising boards across the UK with Aloy plastered across them. She's joined by a Slitherfang in Glasgow, accompanies a Tremortusk in Leeds, and takes on a Shellsnapper in Manchester. The centrepiece, though, is in London. Various pieces of key art have been placed all over the capital's Odeon cinema.

This is the same PlayStation division that changed the names of London underground tube stations in accordance with characters related to the brand. You could temporarily visit the likes of Ratchet & Clankaster Gate, Miles End, and our personal favourite: Horizon Forbidden West Ham.

We fully recommend playing the sequel when it launches for PS5, PS4 on Friday. We awarded the game a 9/10 in our Horizon Forbidden West PS5 review. "Overall, Horizon Forbidden West is a huge improvement on its predecessor. The map is diverse and full of stunning sights; characters and conversations are so much better; and the already great gameplay is enhanced with new weapons, more options, and better melee."

To pass the time until it releases, will you venture out and find one of these billboards? We've spotted advertising in other locations across the UK — on the sides of buses — so you may not need to go too far to see some.

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