Disgaea 6 Complete is the, er, complete version of the crazy strategy RPG that released for Nintendo Switch last year. The latest entry in NIS' long running series, it's packed with all the comedic charm that you'd expect, and our pals over at Nintendo Life recommend it in their Disgaea 6 review. Thankfully, the performance issues that the game suffered on Switch shouldn't be a problem on Sony's systems.

Touted as the most accessible Disgaea yet, it's got loads of quality of life upgrades, and for the first time in franchise history, it uses 3D character models instead of sprites. Outside of that, though, this is still very much a Disgaea game, boasting all of the absurd gameplay depth that hardcore fans enjoy.

Complete comes with every piece of the DLC that's hit since Disgaea 6 launched on Switch — which includes additional characters and cosmetics. It's turn based battling to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 this summer, but we don't have a specific release date just yet.

Will you be commanding a demonic army in Disgaea 6? Rise from your grave in the comments section below.