Popular manga and anime property The Seven Deadly Sins is going to form the basis of a new open world action game, which almost looks too good to be true in the announcement trailer that we've embedded above. It's called The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin, and it's coming to 'consoles' as well as PC and phones.

It's being made by South Korean developer Netmarble — a studio that mostly dabbles in licensed mobile titles. There's no word on whether Origin will be some kind of free-to-play thing, but it does seem possible based on Netmarble's history. We don't have a release window, either.

So, it's one of those projects that, going by the footage, looks extremely promising — but until we get some additional information, it'll difficult to get excited.

What do you make of The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin? Tell us all about your favourite sin in the comments section below.

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