Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is difficult enough on its own, so imagine setting yourself the task of completing the entire game in just two hours. Oh, and you're blindfolded the entire time. That's the challenge streamer Mitchriz set himself during the annual Awesome Games Done Quick event this past weekend, and the resulting run is quite simply astonishing. We've embedded the complete run up above, with the final time coming in at two hours and 35 seconds.

Watch in disbelief as Mitchriz utterly destroys some of the title's toughest bosses without being able to see — some encounters are completed without even taking damage. It's a truly impressive showing of both skill and knowledge, requiring you to know both how to take down a foe fast and the exact amount of button presses it takes to unlock an upgrade in the skill tree at the same time. All Mitchriz has to rely upon is sound and his own know-how.

According to Mitchriz's YouTube channel, the streamer has been attempting this feat for the last five months or so. And while his completion time during the AGDQ event may seem incredibly impressive, he's actually managed to accomplish the blindfolded task even quicker. Roughly three weeks ago, Mitchriz did a blindfolded run in 1 hour and 52 minutes. Without the blindfold on, he can beat the game in around 20 minutes.

AGDQ is now over for another year, but this was its biggest event yet, raising $3,416,729 for the Prevent Cancer charity. It's officially the most amount of money the event has ever raised.