Sniper Elite 5 promises the same long-distance thrills that you’ve no doubt become accustomed to over the years, with one major twist: your game can be invaded by an Axis sniper. This means that while you’re busy picking off Nazis as protagonist Karl Fairburne, there’s a chance you may be outwitted by an opponent who’s joined your campaign.

Those who choose to invade will be able to earn “high rewards”, as well as bragging rights, of course. It’s not the first title to introduce a mechanic like this – we’ve seen a similar thing from the likes of Deathloop relatively recently, for example – but it does make for a tense dynamic, as you work your way through the story wondering if you’re being hunted behind-the-scenes.

Remember, this version of the game is set in France, and will even feature locations inspired by editor Stephen Tailby’s homeland, Guernsey. There’s no date attached just yet, but Rebellion has showcased the box art for PS5 and PS4, which we’ve embedded below:

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