Armored Core Rumour

It's easy to forget that Dark Souls and Elden Ring developer FromSoftware was behind the Armored Core series — a series that hasn't appeared on PlayStation consoles since 2013. Rumours regarding a new Armored Core game have been doing the rounds for quite some time — the developer even confirmed that some kind of Armored Core project was in the works years ago — but this latest 'leak' seems pretty legit.

According to ResetEra user Red Liquorice, Armored Core 6 — or whatever it happens to be called — is real, and it's been outed through a consumer survey of all things. Said survey includes story details, screenshots, and even gameplay footage. There's also mention of Hidetaka Miyazaki, the creator of Dark Souls and FromSoftware's other dark fantasy titles. He's apparently behind the sci-fi world of Armored Core 6.

Overall, it very much sounds like an Armored Core game — fast and frantic third-person mecha action combined with heavy customisation options. Given the supposed amount of detail in this survey, it's fair to assume that the project is quite far along. Hopefully we get an official announcement in the relatively near future — although we imagine that FromSoftware will want to get Elden Ring out of the way first.

Would you be up for a new Armored Core? Keep an eye on your ammo count in the comments section below.

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