Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars is a fun JRPG presented like a tabletop game, but some have been put off by its absolutely glacial pace. Whether it's moving around the environments, engaging in battles, or even just opening up the menus, everything moves deliberately slowly. Feedback from fans saw Square Enix promise a way to speed things up, and it's delivered today with the latest patch on PlayStation 4.

Patch 1.02, which comes in at roughly 250MB, introduces High Speed Mode. You can toggle it on or off from the options menu or by holding Square during non-combat gameplay. It essentially doubles the speed of the whole game, save for the narrator's reading of the cards.

An in-game warning suggests that, under some circumstances, High Speed Mode may be unstable, and if the game begins acting strangely, you should revert back to normal speed. We've given it a quick test run and it seems to run just fine at High Speed Mode, and will certainly be a godsend for the back half of the game.

Will you be using High Speed Mode in Voice of Cards? Shuffle your deck in the comments section below.

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