Just in time for the holiday season, Landfall's ridiculous multiplayer title Stick Fight: The Game has arrived on PlayStation at last. Initially launching on PC all the way back in 2017, the game is now available on PS4, having launched earlier today.

What the heck is it, then? It's a physics-driven party brawler for between two and four players, online or locally. Playing as stick figures, you can kick and punch your way to victory, or use one of the myriad weapons that randomly spawn in each stage. There are 100 levels, with some containing tough obstacles to overcome as you scramble to survive the match. The physics underpinning the game mean that platforms can be destroyed and will fall away, further adding to the madness.

While it's not a particularly deep game, it does look like a lot of fun — we can imagine this being a hilarious experience with friends and family. It's out now on the US PlayStation Store, and will presumably hit the European Store shortly.

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