Fortnite has just received a major overhaul, with Chapter 3 ushering in a fresh start for the ever-popular shooter. Amid numerous interesting new features and changes, Spider-Man joins the game as part of the new Battle Pass.

The map has been totally overhauled, with lots of new locations to visit while you play Battle Royale. That includes the Daily Bugle, a snowed-over western area, and plenty more new stuff to discover. Also new are some mobility features, like sliding downhill, and you can equip Spidey's web shooters on any skin to swing just like the hero.

Another interesting new feature in Chapter 3 is setting up camp. You and your squad can put down a tent to act as a sort of base. This can heal you, but it can also act as storage for weapons and items, and these will carry over between matches. Cool!

It seems like Chapter 3 is adding quite a lot, and you can see most of it in the trailer above. There are also new weapons, a victory crown, and more ways to earn XP.

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