Scuf PS5 Controller 1

The first line of third-party PlayStation 5 controllers has today been revealed by Scuf, a fairly popular company in the peripheral industry. Marketed as Reflex pads, prices start at £199/$199 and the first batch has already sold out. The base unit looks a lot like Sony's own PS5 DualSense controller, but it sets itself apart with removable paddles on the back of the pad, interchangeable thumbsticks, and three different profiles you can switch between.

Said to work with both PS5 and PC, the two cheaper models sport adaptive triggers, but there's no mention of haptic feedback in the specifications. If you opt for the even more premium Reflex Pro model, you can also look forward to holding the controller with a "non-slip performance grip" which is said to improve comfort. Then there's the Reflex FPS, which as you can probably guess, is geared towards those who take first-person shooters seriously.

Scuf PS5 Controller 2

Interestingly, this particular pad actually ditches the adaptive triggers for instant triggers which supposedly simulate the press of a mouse button. Essentially, you should be able to fire off shots faster. This one costs £249/$259. With the first batch of controllers already sold out, Scuf is taking email sign-ups for those still interested on its website. And as for different colours, just a black version will be available at launch in 2022, but white, grey, orange, navy blue, and red options will be part of the range in the future.

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