Where the hell is the Neo skin? Fortnite already has John Wick, so we suppose you could equip that to celebrate the release of The Matrix Resurrections, but no Neo – not yet. Still, at least here’s a sick looking Neo dodge emote, available in the Item Store right now. You can also grab a weapon wrap with the series’ iconic green binary emblazoned on it, and a Trinity emote.

Each item is available separately – the emotes are 300 V-Bucks a pop, and the weapon wrap is 500 V-Bucks – alongside a bundle with all three items included. It’ll be interesting to see whether there’s more to this promo over the coming days, or if that’s the end of the collaboration. It seems a bit strange to stop here when Unreal Engine 5’s recently released tech demo was a thinly veiled advertisement for the new movie.

We suppose there is also the free Glider in the Sgt. Winters’ Lodge, which you can grab by opening the appropriate present. Surely there’s more to come, though… Right?

[source twitter.com]