Destiny and Halo developer Bungie has just turned 30, so a mid-life crisis likely isn't too far away. To mark the moment, though, Destiny 2 has been treated to a special 30th-anniversary bundle containing a load of goodies that reference the studio's long past. It was released yesterday for PlayStation 5 and PS4, priced at £21.99/$24.99. In amongst items themed around Marathon, Myth, and Oni, there's also the return of Destiny's most popular and well-known weapon: the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher.

It quickly became known as one of the rarest drops in the original Destiny game, famed for its overpowered enemy-seeking missiles. Now it's back along with a Thorn armour set and a new Dungeon. "Plunder the new three-player dungeon inspired by famed Cosmodrome loot caves of yore. Reveal a tale of riches and regret as you follow an adventurer who traded his humanity for treasure."

However, if you don't fancy coughing up any cash, you can still take part in the new Dares of Eternity activity for free. This new content is designed to keep the community invested until Destiny 2's next expansion, titled The Witch Queen, arrives in February 2022. We'll see more from that at The Game Awards later this week.

Are you taking part in Bungie's 30th-anniversary celebrations? How's the new Gjallarhorn? Let us know in the comments below.