Historically, Housemarque is usually very good at supporting its games post-launch with updates and DLC. Of all its games, though, Returnal seems the most ripe for expansion with additional content. The PlayStation 5 shooter has had plenty of patches to bring it up to speed — including the addition of the much-requested Suspend Cycle feature — but, as yet, no DLC has been confirmed.

However, a mysterious tweet from the Finnish studio may suggest something is coming after all:

Above is an image of something within the game that we don't recognise. Alongside the simple caption, it leads us to believe this is a teaser for an upcoming content update, perhaps some premium DLC. The way the tweet itself is written — "Atropos..?" — could suggest whatever this might be will not take place on the game's imposing alien planet. Is Selene about to enter a whole new hostile realm?

That's just speculation on our part, but the thought of new adventures in this wonderful game is certainly exciting. It's also hard to ignore that The Game Awards is only a couple of weeks away, which would be a perfect venue in which to make an announcement. Just saying, Housemarque.

Do you want some Returnal DLC? Is this image teasing something, or are we reading too much into it? Use your Alt-Fire in the comments section below.

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