GTA 3 is now, incredibly, over 20-years-old – and classic fan channel GTA Series Videos has marked the occasion with footage of its impressive collection of memorabilia. Collector’s Editions were less common in the early PlayStation 2 era, so a lot of the goodies on display here were distributed to press and Rockstar employees.

There’s a lot of stuff you’ve likely never seen, including a replica Louisville Slugger baseball bat, a pair of branded brass knuckles, and even some official pepper sprays. The collection eventually transitions from launch items to more contemporary kit, such as mugs, stickers, and even an official Claude figurine.

It’s always fun to see this kind of collectible memorabilia, and we’re sure a lot of these items are fairly sought after these days. Those PS2 promo discs in particular take us back: this author has a box full of them, all of which date back to a project that started when your humble host was just 13-years-old. Obviously the PR people at the time didn’t realise they were dealing with a school kid!